O mnie


I am a lawyer with many years of experience – I have been working in the profession since 1993. Since then I have conducted cases for individuals, Polish and international companies. I consider my biggest success to be the change in the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding the liability of a management board member of a limited liability company for the company’s debts. I have also acted, among other things, in the area of costs which the National Health Fund is obliged to cover in the case of treatment abroad and in numerous tax proceedings.

I worked as an in-house lawyer in an international corporation and in international consulting firms. I then decided to set up my own law firm which, as part of an international advisory network, operated on the global market.

Currently, I operate in a small group of specialists and develop several companies. I use my legal knowledge practically in my business activities. As an entrepreneur, I help others to apply the law in their business. I am keen to maintain close contact with my clients, as a thorough understanding of their needs allows me to apply better ideas, and a long-term relationship allows me to quickly understand the situation and move on to apply the right solutions.

My experience and the quality of the service I provide, despite the small scale of the business at present, has been recognised and I have been invited to join the World Law Alliance network, of which I am now a member.


Privately I am a lover of horses and Italian motoring.

The experience I have gained has allowed me to develop a unique formula on the market for cooperation between lawyer and business – HIRING A LAWYER!


Many companies work with law firms on an ad hoc basis to resolve problems. Such cooperation covers only a pre-selected scope, which does not allow for a comprehensive clarification of organisational and legal procedures in the organisation. As a result, they are often inconsistent.

Companies also employ in-house lawyers, who are often left out of the strategies developed by external law firms. Extensive legal departments, on the other hand, are too expensive for small companies, which are often unable to take a comprehensive view of the legal issues they face.

The solution in such a situation is to hire an experienced lawyer, who becomes part of the company’s structure as a CLO (Chief Legal Officer). Such a person is able to comprehensively analyse the problems facing the company and propose the correct, necessary solutions, as well as correctly identify the problems and coordinate the activities of specialised external law firms.

My experience allows me to play such a role effectively and to look at a company’s operations from both a legal and a business and economic point of view. I am able to quickly and effectively implement the necessary actions in the company in order to achieve compliance of the organisation’s activities with the applicable (and dynamically changing) law. I also take care of improvements in the system of making money. Such engagement can be short or long-term, and after implementation I usually supervise the implemented solutions and, if necessary, propose necessary corrections and changes.

o mnie